How do I order a sample?

Please contact with your sample inquiry. We have limited quantities availibile for testing and evaluation, with large volume orders becoming availible later this year.

Have you tested the connector?

Yes! We have performed pressure testing in saltwater at 10,000 psi and 500V with pin-pin resistance in excess of 100 megaohms. We would love to hear from you about your specific requirements.

Can I get a custom backshell?

Yes! Custom backshells are availible with a nominal NRE charge and lead time. We can accomadate different materials, sizes, and thread patterns per your request.

Can I have 13 pins? 3 pins? Higher current pins?

We are planning on making a 3 pin option in the near future, followed by a TBD configuration (probably higher pin count) based on your feedback. Contact us with your requirements and we can discuss options.

Is there a warranty?

Early access samples are for testing purposes in a lab enviroment only and do not have any warranty. The final production version will carry a standard limited warranty, terms TBD.

Is this the final version?

Yes, this is the final version for the 8-pin configuration. After 2 years of development and testing we are ready to release into the wild. If you have any questions please contact us.


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