Many customers will already have experience splicing and bonding subsea cable assemblies. For those who are newer to the process, or are looking for a self contained, one-stop kit, our baromax evaluation kit has everything you need to get started. 

Baromax Evaluation Kit

  • Quantity Description Part Number
    1 Baromax Epoxy Kit BM-EPOXY-KIT
    1 Male Connector BM-A-8-M
    1 Female Connector BM-A-8-F
    1 Bulkhead Backshell BM-A-BH-A-A
    2 Inline Backshell BM-A-IL-A-A
    1 Male Locking Ring BM-A-LR-M-A-B
    1 Female Locking Ring BM-A-LR-F-A-B
    2 Snap Ring 13mm BM-SR-130
    2 Snap Ring 16mm BM-SR-160
    1 O-Ring BM-OR-A