How to build Your Underwater Connector

Step 1

Order Connectors and Backshells

Female Bulkhead Example:


Female Connector

Bulkhead Backshell


Female Bulkhead Assembly

Male Inline Example


Male Connector

Inline Backshell



Female Locking Ring

Male Inline Assembly

Step 2

Order Supplies


Potting your underwater connector

Mixing Nozzles

Fully mixing the epoxy for potting

Dispensing Needle

Backfill the inside of your connector with epoxy

Assembly Jig

Keep everything in place while the epoxy cures

Step 3

Put it all together in 3 easy steps

Solder wires to connector

Up to 18AWG will fit

Prep for Bonding

Clean and degrease all surfaces to be bonded

Glue it together

Pot the connector and let it cure.


With Suburban Marine, the marine industry will have convenient access to subsea electrical connectors.

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